Who are we

Hi! We’re Katja and Glenn Mamacos, a South African couple currently based in Athens, Greece.


The plan is to travel around Europe for a year+, focusing on the history, mythology, and general greatness of every place we go. Basically, we think that travel should tie in much more with a deeper knowledge of the place you’re visiting. Which very much includes its history, culture, and beliefs. Approaching the places you visit with this knowledge allows you to deepen your understanding, and enriches the experience. At least, that’s what we’ve found. 


We’re both remote workers – Glenn’s an online maths and physics tutor, and Katja is a content strategist. This means that we can keep working while we travel, which means more travelling!


We’re super excited for this journey, and will always keep our readers up to date on where in the world we are and where we’re going next. That way, you can ask anything you’re curious about in the countries, towns, and cities we’re in. 

We’ll keep updating the map below, so you always know where we are! You can also follow our other site, WanderCapeTown, for a look at our home city!